ECL pilot workshop at TEH meeting in Budapest

IMG_3019 IMG_3036

How to Participate in Cultural Leadership

During the one-day workshop the participants got the opportunity to get a taste of what this leadership programme can be like. Since the members of Trans Europe Halles are one of the intended target groups the feedback and opinion on both the content, form and pedagogic approach was highly valuable and will shape the future programme.

Here are some of the feedback we collected:
– To learn by experiencing in role play or exercises is important to be able to develop and  understand leadership skills.
– The program should offer lots of opportunities to apply things very concretely to every day to day leadership in organisations.
– Dialogue and diversity is vital through out the program to really enable new discoveries by learning from each other.
– The people factor is central as well as understanding the special context of the cultural  sector.

Thank you to everyone who participated!


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