Narratives by Cultural Change Makers

2narrarNarratives by Cultural Change Makers aim to design a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) concept for cultural leadership development capable of meeting the demands of our complex and changing times.

Narratives by Cultural Change Makers consists of interviews with ten prominent cultural leaders from different parts of the world. Active in different countries, in different types of organisations and with different art forms and types of culture, they tell us about life and work, education and training, professional experiences, success and setbacks, dilemmas and solutions.


Editors’ foreword
Author’s foreword
Ong Keng Sen: ”We are all in some way involved in a kind of ’world creating process’ …”
Nina Wester: ”I am a natural leader, it ́s as simple as that …”
Anu Kivilo: ”It ́s the art or the artist that should get the credit, not the art manager …”
Göran Dahlberg: ”Being Editor- in-Chief was a necessary evil …”
Olha Reiter: ”The stories of my generation have not yet been told, and I have gradually realised how I can do something about that …”
Sigrid Niemer: ”My generation felt that something was missing …”
Kenneth Olumuyiwa Tharp: ”There are definitely times when a decision needs to be made, even if it ends up being the wrong one …”
Archana Prasad: ”The city, not my aching artistic heart, became my muse …”
Joy Mboya: ”We are really just beginning to develop a cultural infrastructure here …”
Róbert Blaško: ”Our dream was to open our own cultural space …”
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Accompanying this book is the newly-published Perspectives on Cultural Leadership, an anthology of research and essays. Rather than aiming to be all- encompassing, the book seeks to open up discussion by offering thought-provoking perspectives on some of the waters that cultural leaders these days are obliged to navigate.

Together, these two books will hopefully serve as inspiring examples and interesting perspectives for the readers to test against their own experience

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