Perspectives on Cultural Leadership

Perspectives on Cultural Leadership aim to develop a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) concept for international cultural leadership capable of meeting the demands of our complex and changing times.

Perspectives on Cultural Leadership is an anthology of research and essays. Rather than aiming to be all- encompassing, the book seeks to open up discussion by offering thought-provoking perspectives on some of the waters that cultural leaders these days are obliged to navigate.


Editors’ foreword
Karin Dalborg & Mikael Löfgren: Cultural leadership in 3D. Introduction

Sandy Fitzgerald: Art and activism

Value & values
Pier Luigi Sacco: Culture 3.0: Culture as a platform for creating economic value
Sarah Thelwall: Why does the balance between grant and earned income matter?
Mikael Löfgren: On the public value of arts and culture

Work & the arts
Joke Schrauwen, Annick Schramme, Jesse Segers: Do managers run cultural institutions? The practice of shared leadership in the arts sector
Lars Lindkvist: Leading cultural organisations: from leadership to followership
Sue Kay: More than meets the eye: leadership and the ”daily doings” of cultural managers in micro-scale theatre organisations
Julia Romanowska: Aesthemetics: aesthetics, emotions and ethics in leadership

Challenges & possibilities
Anna Johansen Fridén: Leading through conflict 195 Kerstin Jeding: Stress, health and productivity 210 Rasmus Fleischer: Brave new interface, or, Never
put all your eggs in the same cloud!
Paulina de los Reyes: Practising intersectionality: challenging power
Chris Torch: Re-create the circle: the challenges of intercultural action.

Lena Andersson: On artistic freedom and its limitations: what is the right course of action?


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The Fika Project

Accompanying this book is the newly-published Narratives by Cultural Change Makers, which consists of interviews with ten prominent cultural leaders from different parts of the world. Active in different countries, in different types of organisations and with different art forms and types of culture, they tell us about life and work, education and training, professional experiences, success and setbacks, dilemmas and solutions.

Together, these two books will hopefully serve as inspiring examples and interesting perspectives for the reader to test against their own experience.

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